A timing belt drive is an ideal linear drive mechanism for many applications providing some of the following benefits;

  • Practically maintenance free
  • High speed capabilities
  • Easy installation
  • Direct drive without slip
  • Able to run in dirty environments
  • Quiet running


Linear Motion specialise in open ended and endless urethan and rubber timing belts. A large selection of pulleys and clamping plates are also available to complete a timing belt linear drive. We can recommend a timing belt drive to suit most applications and stock a range suitable for many industrial situations. We can also have custom pulleys manufactured to your specification.

Our recommended profile is 8M with an RPP8 belt. This pitch has a wide power capability and the RPP8 belt has low noise, ridged and stiff steel cords and low backlash. When combined with our stock aluminium pulleys they provide an accurate, highly response drive system. For the best way to mount timing pulleys to drive shafts check out our friction bushes here.

Megadyne are one of the world’s largest and most respected industrial belt manufacturers in the world. They specialises in urethane, steel corded timing belt and produce an enormous range of tooth profiles, lengths and materials. They also offer a full range of V belt, and synchronous endless belts in the following ranges;

  • Megapower imperial “classical” (MXL, XL, L, H) and metric trapezoidal (T and AT) polyurethane with steel and Kevlar cords
  • ISORAN high quality classical RPP/HTD rubber
  • Platinum ultra high performance RPP full compatible with standard HTD pulleys
  • Megaflex long length endless spiral construction

Technical data on all these types can be found under the download documents link above.