Yaskawa are one of the world’s largest manufactures of Variable Speed (VSD) or inverter drives for AC motors. All drives are designed in Japan and manufactured with a near obsession for quality.

Yaskawa are currently producing their 8th generation of drives and has been manufacturing industrial electric motor solutions for over 100 years.

The J1000 is Yaskawas’ entry level inverter, incredibly small in size but with a heap of features including;

  • 150% overload with torque compensation for hard starting and low speed
  • Quiet operation for more pleasant working environments
  • Energy saving in most applications to save costs
  • Side by side mounting for reduced cabinet sizes
  • User friendly operation and simple setup
  • 9 speed steps for enhanced motion control
  • Built in braking resistor for reliable deceleration control
  • Yaskawa’s world class build quality and reliability

The V1000 has the same physical size and all of the J1000 features but adds;

  • Built in PID controller making it a single box process controller
  • 200% overload for difficult load situations
  • Can be completely customised for your application with built in function block programming
  • Configurable 7 inputs, 3 outputs and 17 speed steps
  • Auto tuning to optimise motor performance
  • Built in safety inputs for STO (safe torque off)

A short video of the V1000 running a PID demonstration can be found here. Another video of a reciprocating actuator using the function block programming can be found here.

The A1000 is an advanced drive with a larger physical foot print, high accuracy and expandable with option cards.

  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Highly accurate open or closed loop vector control
  • Option cards available for a range of fieldbus networks
  • Accuracy approaching servos with closed loop control
  • Extremely reliable with 10 year service life for major components
  • Can be configured as an stand alone indexer

A video demonstration of an A1000 running the electronic line shaft supplement can be found here.

The U1000 is a ground breaking drive with a completely new architecture. Rather than an AC/DC/AC inversion system the drive uses a matrix of high power transistors to convert AC to AC directly.

  • Near unit power factor even at full load
  • Incredibly low Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Built in full regeneration
  • Continuous auto tuning
  • High efficiency design offers continuous cost savings
  • Lower installation costs than similar regenerative or EMI solutions
  • More compact design
  • High reliability with 28 years MTBF
  • More on the benefits can be found here.

Drives can be setup from the built in operator panel and from software. Drive performance can be monitored and trended within the software and parameters copied across to multiple drives.

More detail on the range of Yaskawa inverters can be found here.