Not only do Yaskawa controllers offer the highest performance in industry the range also includes easy to use indexing solutions.

The MP family of controllers are ultra high performance PLC based motion controllers. They allow simultaneous control or up to 32 axes across a single wire using the incredibly fast motion network Mechatrolink. While not many applications require this level of performance all systems can benefit from the wiring simplicity and integrated programming environment.

The high level of integration allows high speed switching between torque, speed, position or synchronous control. Electronic Cam, line shaft, electronic gearing and flying shear can all be accomplished. Motion control can be accomplished directly within Ladder or a motion program which is a series of motion commands similar to a CNC controller. To see just how fast and precise they operate check out this video.


For simple single axes applications an indexing servo can be used. These attach directly to the servo and can be pre-programmed with a single or sequence of moves which can be called by simple digital I/O. They can also be interfaced to other controllers over RS485 for more complex systems. These are an ideal upgrade for point to point or “bang bang” pneumatic actuators where greater precision, efficiency or speed is required. No changes are required to the host controller as the same sequencing and move signals used.

These options are available from one of the largest and most respected names in mechatronics. Yaskawa offers Japanese quality along with 100 years of electric motor expertise. For further information you can download more detailed product overviews and basic manuals from the link at the top right of this page, or contact us to discuss your application requirements.