Many of you will be familiar, or have heard of ACME screw threads or lead screws. These are imperial thread profiles which allow you to transfer rotary power, without the high wear of vee threads on standard screwed rods.

The trapezoidal thread profile is the metric equivalent to ACME power threads, and is available from Linear Motion from 10 to 50mm screw diameters in right hand threads and we also stock left hand threads in some sizes. This allows you to easily create a synchronous movement in two opposite directions with one centrally mounted motor and gearbox combination.

They operate on a friction drive basis, and will generally require lubrication. Due to the metal on metal contact they are not recommended for continuous motion applications but they do have great benefit of being self locking in most applications. The loads they can carry are relatively high and range from 260Kgf for a 10mm flange nut to 3240Kgf for a 40mm flange nut.

Save yourself on materials, machine time and labour, and thread cutting frustration on long lengths, by sourcing your trapezoidal screw shafting from Linear Motion, cut to length, and ready for you to machine bearing journals on. We can also supply a shaft with journals machined to your drawings ready to drop in. We can do this for a one off job, a part on a regular basis, or high volume requirements.

The screw shafts are made from medium tensile 1045 steel, and are available in 3 metre lengths (12mm and under are 2m lengths), which we can cut to your required length. we stock round flange nuts to suit the trapezoidal screw shafts, and these are made from bronze alloy, and are available in right and left hand thread profiles. Save yourself the hassle of machining internal power threads.

Other trapezoidal nut styles are available, and include plastic nuts for use in washdown applications. They are generally used with stainless steel 303 grade trapezoidal screws, which are available on an indent basis, with reasonably short lead times (size and weight dependant).

If you are looking for an adjusting system or dirty work area application, or a general engineering application, trapezoidal screws provide a cost effective solution, and are competitively priced from Linear Motion. Don’t forget to allow for bearing journals when working out your overall screw length and we can also supply shaft supports and arrange shaft machining for a complete bolt down solution.

Please feel free to contact us with your trapezoidal screw requirements and we will look forward to working with you on your enquiry.