We stock economical stepper motors and drivers. These are great for continuous motion where some sort of positioning is required. Our stock motors are 4 pole 1.8deg motors ranging up to 8.7Nm and drivers to suit.

We have a stock range that can be used as a CNC motor kit. This includes motors and drivers, couplings, power supplies and break out boards. Just use EMC or MAC3 on a host PC. These are ideal for small and hobiest CNC projects such as routers, plasma and laser cutters, etching machines, lathes and wire cutters.

Download our free white paper which gives an overview of the technologies used in taking a part in CAD to a part produced on a custom made CNC machine.

These size motors are suitable for driving small hobby routers and lathes at modest feedrates. If you want to convert a knee mill, machine metals or are after high feed rates talk to us as we can supply alternative motors. See more on these kits here

We also have an economical solution for high speed spindles. These are suitable for the machining of wood or aluminium in a engraving, routing or milling application. You can also view a machine running with these kits sets here, and an article on a mill conversion here.