Servomech of Italy have been making industrial actuators and screw jacks since 1989. These are heavy duty units with cast and machined housings, ball or Acme screw drives with loads up to 100T and speeds up to 875mm/s. Units can be supplied complete with IEC induction motor or DC brushed motors. The actuator range when specified with integrated clutches are genuine alternatives to hydraulic cylinders but offer much greater efficiency and control.

All Servomech products are well thought out and properly engineered.

Duty cycle, self locking ability and service life data is all published and readily available. A wide range or end fittings can be specified along with limit switches, bellows, anti rotation devices and encoders make fitting and integration a simpler task. Features become even better when the AC driven systems are coupled with a Yaskawa VSD. Speed adjustment, soft start, over load protection and even integrated control all become part of the package.

To ensure tight quality control Servomech manufacture all components including the ball screws in house and are the only manufacturer to do so. Servomech so back their testing, manufacture and inspection they even offer extended warrantees We would be happy to discuss any application you have and assist in the selection of a suitable unit.