Yaskawa are the worlds leader in electromechanical motion control systems. They are the largest manufacturer of AC servos and frequency drives and have been making electric motor systems for over 100 years. Servo systems are available in single and three phase at 400V, 240V and 110V. Servo systems are manufactured to ISO9000 and meet UL, CE and TUV standards.

Motors are available from 30 Watts up to 55 kiloWatts in a variety of inertia sizes and are ideal for applications ranging from printed circuit board manufacture through materials handling and machine tools to thermoforming and injection moulding.

The servo controls will accept common control schemes including digital, analogue, or the leading field bus systems and can be interfaced with the majority of leading controllers and PLCs. The Mechatrolink control system has always been a strong focus for Yaskawa but now also available are integrated EtherCat drives to suit an even wider range of controllers.

A range of low and medium inertia motors are normally available from stock here in New Zealand along with single axis indexing and multi axis control solutions.

In keeping with Yaskawa’s commitment to be the world leading servo manufacturer they have recently introduced the Sigma7 family. Motor sizes have been further reduced and they now offer world leading 16 million pulse per revolution accuracy for the highest level of vibration suppression, accuracy and lowest setting times.

Highly advanced direct drive types are also available including linear motors. These systems completely eliminate the mechanical drive train for high speed, high accuracy and more reliable machines.

Yaskawa machine controllers offer worlds highest performance and multi axis synchronisation is a strong feature as shown here. How fast and accurate? Check out the famous pencil lead demonstration here and the robot samurai here.

Want to learn more about how servos work and what is involved in a linear axis? An excellent video can be viewed here. Additional training videos can be found here.