SBC linear profile rails are four row, circular contact raceway design. This design results in a linear guideway with high load & high rigidity characteristics. Four and two bolt patterns, flanged or unflanged blocks with dimensions that match industry standards.


Available in sizes from 9mm wide miniature rail up to 65mm wide heavy duty rail. Options also include High preload, bottom mount rail, scrapers and high temperature aluminium end plate blocks which can handle up to 150C.

Our main stock range is the high performance SBI range. These types offer on average 30% higher static loads and dynamic life with ony a modest increase in length. The sliders have a larger radius on the ball returns for a quieter, more efficient ball motion and the new rail shape offers a more rigid structure and better sealing. The installed mounts and dimensions are the same as the SBG range.


The raydent corrosion resistant option offers excellent corrosion protection at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel and further technical and chemical composition about the raydent coating process can be viewed at


SBC are an ISO9000 company and have a sales network that spans Europe, Asia, South America and the US.


We also stock hand clamps that allow a slider or carriage to be clamped in place on the rail.


Now stocking Hiwin wide type miniature rail and sliders.