The Uniline actuator is a complete solution for linear applications. Rollon Compact rail mounted in an anodised aluminium profile, provides guidance and load carrying benefits. The platform motion is achieved by the high load, high speed, steel corded, polyurethane coated timing belt manufactured by Megadyne. This belting provides greater load security and linear accuracy, as belt elongation is very minimal. A Uniline actuator has a measurement repeatability of +/-0.10mm.

Uniline’s are available in various sizes and linear rail configurations.

This easily allows you to select an actuator to match your application’s load size and direction requirements. Uniline offers the machine builder a professional solution for single and multi axis applications, with minimal design and custom manufacture requirements. Installation is simple with tee nut slots along the length of the extrusion. This eliminates the need for accurate drilling/tapping for actuator mounting, saving labour, time and machining expense. You can download catalogue and drawing information from our website below on the links on this page.

Uniline 55 and 75 series components are stocked by Linear Motion and assembled here in NZ, to your requirements for short lead times. Uniline 40 or 100 series are also available on indent if required. We can integrate these complete with precision gearbox and servo motor systems.

The drawing files available for download are all configured as a 1000mm stroke actuator. Please contact us for a specific stroke length drawing file, and we will provide this to you, making your drawing/modelling even simpler!

For higher loads, greater precision or enhanced sealing Rollon produce a large range of alternative actuators. These systems include ball screw, rack and pinion, omega drive and polyurethane sealing types.

Please feel free to contact Linear Motion with your stroke length, load/weight design considerations and the number of axes having to work together (single, two or three), and we will look forward to assisting you with your enquiry.