Rollon Ecoline fills the gap between expensive linear guideways and custom fabricated roller systems. It is especially suited for machine doors, safety guards and can carry 30kg of load per slider in either compression or tension loads.

The sliders 2 piece construction allows you to adjust bearing preload to suit your application and provide extra rigidity. They have six deep groove steel bearings with nylon sleeves to provide quiet, smooth linear movement.

Travel strokes of up to 6m can be achieved without joining, and the anodised aluminium extrusion can be cut to your application’s required length.

The lateral seals limit the amount of dust and dirt from getting inside the extrusion, maintaining smooth linear movement. Ecoline is easy to mount with M5 tee nuts, which can be positioned anywhere along the extrusion.

IAS can assemble Ecoline units to meet your application’s requirements, so you have a complete component, delivered to you, ready to install. This will save you time and labour.

Please feel free to contact IAS with your application or design’s requirements and we will look forward to working with you on your enquiry.