We stock a range of screw shaft supports to suit most rotating screw applications. These precision supports are ideal for ballscrewstrapezoidal and ACME screw shafts or any other rotating shaft. Flange and block types are stocked for horizontal bed or vertical mounting applications.


The BF & FF series come complete with radial bearings while the BK & FK fixed supports use precision ground and paired angular contact bearings. This allows the BK/FK units to accomodate forward and reversing loads and they come complete with precision locknuts to secure the ballscrew in the unit.


Linear Motion can also advise recommended screw shaft journal machining dimensions. This will allow your screw shaft application/design to utilise these support units and save you design time and unnecessary custom machining expense. If required, Linear Motion can arrange the journal machining, to provide an easy, trouble free, bolt down solution.

Please feel free to contact us with your screw shaft requirements and we will look forward to answering your design queries.