Apex are the worlds largest manufacurer of precision gearheads for servos. They make high quality and extremely accurate, low backlash, planetary gearheads. These are commonly used with servo and stepper motors to increase the motors torque output and inertia capacity.

Apex have a range of adaptors to suit nearly every servo motor and can deliver most types in 7 days. All types are lubricated for life and IP64 or above. Most types are avaliable in inline or right angle configurations and additional styles include precision spiral bevel, direct mount timing pulley, hollow shaft, driven flange and and NEMA frames.

The basic product ranges are as follows:

  • AB Series
    • Premium helical gearhead
    • 1-100 ratios
    • 1-7arcmin backlash
    • 2-2000Nm nominal output torque
  • AE Series
    • Economy Helical
    • 1-100 ratios
    • 8-12arcmin backlash
    • 2-2000Nm nominal output torque
  • P Series
    • Low cost spur gear
    • 1-100 ratios
    • 8-10arcmin backlash
    • 9-400Nm nominal output torque

Please feel free to contact IAS with your design, application or maintenance repair requirements, and we will look forward to working with you on your enquiry.