The Hiwin product range also includes DC geared motors. These are the same DC motors used in their popular linear actuators but as a stand alone product.

These motors are smaller and more economical that the standard AC squirrel cage industrial gear motors. But don’t let their small size fool you, with peak torques of up to 55Nm and a continuous duty rating these are definitely no toys! Having power ratings up to 72Nm and speed ranges from 30-150 rpm they are suitable for a wide range of applications.


Their low voltage DC supply brings an added level of safety to many applications and they are also CE rated to suit export requirements. All types are reversible by simply changing the polarity and are available from stock in New Zealand in 12 and 24V ratings.

Like all DC motors shaft speed varies linearly with load. Motor speed can also be varied by adjusting the voltage or more sophisticated pulse type controls. An excellent feature is the standard Hall Effect encoder. The encoder is rated from 2.4 to 26V and allows speed or position feedback to a controller.

Applications include small to medium conveyor, winders, pinch rolls, rotary tables or linear axis with pulleys, wheels or rack and pinion drives. A nice video of what can can do with even the small AM6 can be found here.