CIMON of Korea are a high quality manufacturer of industrial controls. Their range includes rack and micro PLCs HMI screens, industrial PCs and SCADA systems.

The CM3 PLCs is the micro device that packs a punch. The base module fits in the palm of your hand and it is hard to see how you could pack more into such a compact package. Every input and output has an LED indicator on the front face and there are models covering transistor and relay outputs, RS232 and RS485, Ethernet with webserver and SD cards.

Connection to the free engineering software CICON is via mini USB on the front face and it can also be programmed over Ethernet. The base PLC can also be expanded with additional modules for digital and analogue I/O (current and voltage), additional communications and thermocouples. The base PLC also has two high speed counters for encoders, PID controller and transistor models have a two axis pulse output with built in motion control for servos and steppers. The ability to hold multiple connections over Modbus TCP or RTU, high speed PLC link or HMI protocol allow the PLCs to be the expanded into an entire factory control system.

CIMON XPanel HMI is a robust high quality touch screen SCADA system that integrates simply and easily to CIMON PLC’s as well as a wide range of factory automation systems. The family of devices range from 4″ to 15″ and are a high speed Windows CE based touch panel with crisp full color display. Simultaneous connections to multiple devices are supported over Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 with protocols for over 200 devices built in. Modbus TCP and RTU are supported to further increase the compatibility. The panel can also be run remotely with a VNC connection and real time data logging can be done from the unlimited tag library. Programing is through the free XPanel Designer software which can be over USB or Ethernet connection. The software has a graphical library of over 20,000 objects, supports scripting, alarms, animation, recipes and has an offline simulator.

A factory catalogue can be downloaded here and more information can be found from the links in the top right of this page.