Cable management is critical for reliability in high cycling machinery. Sagging and unsupported cables wear and fail prematurely. This applies to electrical, optical, pneumatic and hydraulic cables and these need to be contained and guided to prevent premature failure.

Cable carrier (also known as energy chain or cable chain) is a segmented structure that flexes around a fixed radius and remains rigid in all other dimension. The cables are run within the rectangular cross section of the cable carrier and as the cable carrier moves with the cables they are not subject to abrasive wear.

Cable carrier is available in a range of bend radius and should be large enough to keep the cables within their flexural limits.

Shinsung of Korea have been producing this product for over 20 years. Their cable carriers are a quality reliable product at a great price point. We have a range of popular sizes and styles avaliable from stock with other types on short lead time. To download a PDF of our stock range click here.