NEW: Now stocking up to 50×10


Hiwin manufacture a large range of precision rolled and precision ground ballscrews. Hiwin are capable of manufacturing ballscrews with pitch error accuracy as low as +/- 0.0035mm per 300mm of shaft. Our stock range is 0.1mm/300mm and is a good balance between cost and accuracy for general production machinery. You can download drawing files for our stock from the link on this page. Call us for specifications and drawing files of other types.

Hiwin manufacture some very unique, specialist ballscrew systems.

These include rotating ballnuts (ie ballscrew stays still and ballnut moves), Bridgeport milling machine retrofit kits to change an ACME screw to a more accurate ballscrew, self lubricating ballnuts and high load drive ballnuts, which range from 50 tonnes all the way up to a massive 353 tonnes static load capacity!


SBC offer high precision rolled ballscrews from 12mm to 80mm diameter are available with pitch error accuracy up to +/-0.012mm per 300mm. Shafts are tread ground for smoother running and low fluctuation and can be paired to a range of DIN standard nuts. SBC can offer backlash free, preloaded or corrosion resistant assemblies from the factory on short lead times..


We stock a range of different diameters from 16mm to 50mm and leads from 5 mm up to 40mm, and lengths ranging from 2m to 6m. If you can provide linear motion with the load, travel stroke, mounting arrangement (vertical or horizontal), travel speed, how often the motion will occur, and if there are any environmental issues to consider (wash down, dust etc), and we will be happy to look at a solution for your requirements.