The Yaskawa MP family of motion controllers are some of the most powerful and flexible controllers available. Their high speed synchronised capability allows smooth repeatable motion even in high speed multi axis applications.


The use of the single wire, daisy chained Mechatrolink motion network provides simple high performance synchronisation across multiple axes. Their high speed synchronised cycle times and complex math capability gives smooth control of precision motion even in complex CAM applications. But even less sophisticated motion systems can still benefit from the ease of setup and operation.


Auto configuration allows the controller to identify new nodes (servos) on the network and setup wizards allow easy parameterisation for the physical machine. The programming PC can connect to the controller over Ethernet and perform more complex servo monitoring and setup of servos directly through the controller. Complex coordination of multiple axes doesn’t require complex ladder programming as the motion program functionality provides a sequential program with easy to understand commands in real world coordinates. Motion programs allow interpolated, circulator and even helical motion.



The MP3300 comes with Ethernet as standard for easy linking to programming software, HMI or factory SCADA. These controllers can be the centre piece of factory information and control systems in high efficiency factories.


The ultimate in power and control from the worlds largest manufacture of drives.More information on Yaskawa controllers can be found here.