When you need higher outputs, increased accuracy or more flexible machines and mechanisms then AC servomotors are the best choice of motion drive. AC servos give you unmatched control and precision.


An AC servo delivers closed loop positioning straight out of the box. No need for separate encoders or complex PLC programming. The drive raises an easy to read error signal if the required position is not reached. AC servos also produce consistent torque output from 0 to rated speed with an additional three or more times peak torque. This allows much higher speeds and feeds than any other type of motion drive.

IAS are extremely pleased to have become part of the worldwide Yaskawa partner network. We can now supply the full range of Yaskawa servos and carry the general purpose and high power rate servo systems from stock. Yaskawa are the world’s largest manufacturer of servo systems and the preferred drive for NC and robotics manufacturers the world over. The influence Yaskawa has had in precision motion is so engrained their laboratories even first coined the very term “mechatronics”. Yaskawa has a world wide partner network and their quality and expertise is such they even manufacture servos for the likes of Omron.


Yaskawa AC servo systems offer you the following benefits;

  • Consistent torque across a wide speed range for faster machines with no loss of accuracy.
  • Built in encoders for closed loop control and no positioning errors. Know where you machine is at all times.
  • Peak torques three of more times rated torque for high accelerations or machining loads.
  • Electronic torque limits to eliminate machine damage in unintended obstruction situations.
  • Free driver interface software for electronic monitoring and parameter setup including electronic gearing, zero clamps and settling response.
  • A wide range of motor styles to suit any inertia load from electronic chip mounters to materials handling, NC tooling, presses and injection moulding machines.
  • Lightest and most compact motors in their class – critical for reducing weight and size of secondary axis.
  • IP55 and above enclosures suitable to use in most industrial environments.
  • Ultra high power density motors around a quarter the size of synchronous AC motors for smaller lighter machines.


Did you know a multi kW servo is a similar investment to an equivalent output AC motor, inverter and encoder setup? But you will also enjoy a lighter, smaller, better-integrated drive with more precise control, consistent torque output, a wider speed range and closed loop control. An AC servo driver can even be configured to accept the same control signals as conventional inverter drives.


More information and our servo catalogue can be found on this page on our web site. We pride ourselves in being able to size and offer a complete linear motion solution and enjoy being able to work with customers to develop an optimal solution for their needs. We can also offer integrated servo and precision gearheads or timing belt reductions.