Rollon Uniline is a complete solution for linear motion. Integrated rail and belt drive all enclosed in an alluminum extrusion provides a bolt in linear motion component. This saves you time and money and allows machine designers to concentrate on other parts of the machine. Uniline is esthetically pleasing to give a highly professional looking machine.


IAS build Uniline’s from components right here in NZ to your order. This gives you short lead times, excellent support and the confidence that comes from working with people who know the product from the inside out. We can synchronise units, customise stroke lengths, carriages and design and supply interface plates for you. Single lengths of up to 6m can be made without joining and straight from stock in NZ, with even longer strokes possible by joining.


Uniline has the following features and benefits.

  • It is a complete solution providing guidance and drive in one easy to mount package
  • Various configurations are available to suit load, size and direction requirements
  • Can provide rapid motion and reliable positioning (up to 7m/s and 0.1mm repeatability)
  • It is safe with no exposed rotating parts keeping the OSH inspector happy
  • Is great looking for a professional looking machine
  • Can easily be mounted together for multi-axis applications
  • We can supply servos with precision gearheads or wormbox and AC drives to complete your motion system


For more information on Uniline including drawing files here. Another article on Unilines from GlobalSpecs be found here.