Is there a linear application on the drawing board that doesn’t need the precision and duty cycle of a ball screw? Don’t pay for features you don’t need when a trapezoidal screw shaft can deliver a cost effective solution.

Similar to an ACME thread but with a metric Trapezodial thread profile. These screw shafts are ideal for modest precision and duty cycle applications. Left and right hand threads are available ex stock for multi screw synchronised applications and with load ratings up to 3.2tonne per nut, Trapezodial screws are an ideal choice for press or actuator applications.

Here’s some of the key benefits of Trapezoidal screw shafts;

  • Screw shafts available from stock in right hand from 10mm to 40mm and 16mm to 32mm in left hand.
  • We can cut to your required length of up to 3 meters.
  • Self lubricating brass nuts running on 1045 medium tensile steel shafts.
  • Stainless shafts and plastic nuts are also available to order.
  • Nuts available in Flanged, Block and Tubular types with optional oil holes and loadings of up to 3.2Tonne per nut.
  • IAS can machine shafts to your specification and supply shaft supports (pictured above) for a complete bolt down solution. We can even supply the drive motor.
  • Save yourself time machining a difficult profile. Get it directly off the shelf from us!

We would welcome your call to answer any availability or design questions you may have. You can find more information from this page on our website. Two dimensional drawing files of our stock range of nuts can also be directly downloaded from our site.