Megadyne are a pioneer in timing belt technology. Since 1957 they have been at the forefront of powerful and accurate belt solutions and produce millions of timing belts each year including unique types for demanding applications. IAS are proud to be the agents for Megadyne in New Zealand and can offer the full product range of metric and imperial closed and open ended belts. A wide range of cores can be made with stainless, kevlar, high power or minimal elongation.

A timing belt is ideal for maintenance free, high-speed linear motion and IAS specialise in open-ended belt and pulleys for linear applications. We recommend RPP profile with its unique parabolic shape. This gives better mesh characteristics with lower backlash and enhanced resistance to tooth skip. These belts also feature nylon-coated teeth for a quieter lubrication free drive. We also stock non-standard aluminium pulleys and clamping plates for reduced system inertia. This allows a smaller drive system and a more responsive machine.

  • Belts 30% stiffer or stronger than standard types are available
  • Food safe and chemical resistance options
  • Wide temperature range
  • Non Magnetic kevlar belts for food production
  • Less pretension required for longer bearing life
  • Complete range of metric and imperial belt types
  • Polyurethane option across all tooth profiles


Do you use a bored and keyed or taperlock pulleys in your manufacturing? We can supply pulleys customised to your requirements, saving time and money with assembly. Even non-standard timing pulleys can be manufactured in steel or aluminium at a competitive price. Send us your drawings and annual usage and see if we can save you time and money


More information on timing belts and pulleys can be found here.