Have you got a demanding linear application? Short service life, premature failure and lubrication programes causing maintenance headaches? Having to deal with wash down, high speed, chemical resistance, contaminated environment or combined linear and rotary motion design issues? Only Simplicity can handle all these challenges with ease.

Simplicity linear bearings are unlike anything else on the market. Their high technology Frelon liners are a compound of Teflon and fillers that provide self lubrication, low wear, high load capacity and low friction. The Frelon liner has the amazing ability to take up particulate contaminates into the liner and features a close fit wiping action with each stroke that eliminates the need for seals. Other ceramic Teflon bearings will not tolerate contaminates and will damage shafting. During the break-in process the bearing actually coats the shaft with a thin layer of Teflon to give Teflon to Teflon running and self-lubrication. Simplicity’s wide temperature range and chemical inertness make it the most flexible and durable bearing available. Three different liner types are available which can deal with submerged, washdown or stainless applications.

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Simplicity bearings are dimensionally equivalent to LM, LME and open type bushings and can be retro-fitted into existing housings. An enormous range of flanged and sleeve type bearings are available – talk to us about your requirements.