Rollon Compact rail is a favourite linear system for machine builders all over the world. Compact rail was specifically designed to meet the needs of general linear applications and machinery. Most conventional linear systems are derived from machine tool bearing systems and are extremely sensitive to mounting misalignment especially in dual rail applications. Compact rail is small in size, easy to install and highly durable.

We’ve now extended our stock range to include the longer 5 and 6 roller CSW sliders in the 28 and 43 sizes. These can handle much higher moments for eccentric loads and in some instances can replace the need for multi-slider arrangements. We also have the largest range of Rollon products in Australasia and can cut rail to length for your specific requirements.

Here’s some of the key benefits;

  • Save time and machining costs with counter bored holes, adjustable preload and self-aligning rail system.
  • Faster, quieter running due to roller bearings.
  • Better durability with the bearing surfaces on the internal surfaces of the rail.
  • Protection from particulate damage with spring loaded wipers and seals.
  • Longer service life with built in lubrication system.
  • Corrosion resistance with zinc plated rail and electro-nickel coated slider bodies.
  • Greater corrosion protection with NEW stainless steel roller options for the 43 and 28 series and electro-nickel coated rails.
  • Easy to install on non machined surfaces.
  • Supplied to you complete with low profile fasteners.


More information including catalogues and drawing files can be found on this page on our website. If you have any queries on compact rail or have an application you are working on please feel free to call us for help in sizing a suitable system.