Rollon X-rail is an ideal and economical solution for machine doors, hatches companion ways and simple guide way applications. Industries such as transportation & marine, medical, packaging, food production, energy and office equipment can all benefit from the simplicity and cost effectiveness of X-rail.


IAS stock full stainless and zinc plated versions and cut the rail to length specifically for your application. More information is available from this page on our website and we have drawing files in 2D & 3D available for integration with your CAD software.

X-Rail has the following features and benefits.

  • Internal raceway, sealed roller sliders with scrapers gives performance in dirty environments, prolonging service life
  • Compact dimensions for elegant designs and tight spaces
  • Full 316 stainless steel TEX, CEX version is ideal for wash down & chemical environments
  • Rail available in up to 3m lengths that we can cut to your length. Some applications may also allow butt jointing for even longer travel
  • Low friction for easy motion
  • Adjustable preload for in the field adjustment of motion and rigidity
  • 80kg radial load and 40kg axial load per slider gives plenty of application options
  • 100deg temperature range and 1.5m/s speed rating


  • Cut to length max single length 3140mm
  • Compact dimensions
  • Standard cut has symmetric holes (specific G dimension for the first hole position in a non-symmetric cut)
  • Recommended button head cap screw for fastening


  • Removable scrapers to protect rolling bearings
  • Compact dimensions
  • Simple mounting
  • Eccentric roller for preload adjustment. Your choice of smooth free running or stiff rigid motion