A planetary gear system is an ideal gear system for a highly accurate and compact gear reduction. The arrangement of planetary gears rotating around a central sun gear provides integer ratios for simpler mathematics on the control side and avoidance of rounding errors. When manufactured with precision ground gears very low backlash is possible. This feature set makes them ideal for accurate positioning applications.


Apex dynamics of Taiwan are one of the largest precision gearbox manufacturers in the world. Units are factory assembled with motor mounts to suit all the major servo motor manufactures. Their wide range of types and sizes are available in the shortest lead times in the industry.


The premium “A” family use helical gears with an increased contact ratio and hence the smallest frame sizes. The progressive meshing characteristic of a helical gear is also the quietest, smoothest drive train with the highest accuracy. For less demanding applications the spur gears “P” series offers high economy.


Both spur and helical types are also available in a right angle configuration using either a high efficiency spiral bevel or a more compact hypoidal gear. Male output shafts are the most popular but a rotary flange is also an option along with hollow shaft right angle.


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We can supply apex gear boxes complete with a Yaskawa servo motor or even integrated into a fully built up actuator.


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