When high torque outputs are required with high accuracy then a precision gearhead is the most effective answer. A planetary gear mechanism provides a high gear ratio in a compact package with good torque capacity. Careful design and manufacture also allows high precision with low backlash. These characteristics make planetary gearheads ideal for precision linear motion.

Matching a servo motor to a precision gearhead is an excellent way of increasing the torque output and running a higher inertia load. Note as a design guide it is better to design a precision drive around the torque and inertia loading rather than a speed requirement. As a servo provides a consistent torque output across a wide speed range, output speed is usually of a lesser concern than torque or inertia matching.

APEX are one of the worlds largest manufactures precision gearheads. They have a wide range of gearheads to suit the all the major motor manufacturers on extremely short lead times.


Here are some of the benefits a planetary gearhead provides.

  • High transmission efficiency to reduce losses and heat build up
  • Inline, coaxial, right angle and hollow shaft configuration to suit most installations
  • Ratios from 3 to 1000, output torques from 12-1000Nm and input speeds up to 5000rpm – A gearhead to suit most applications
  • Compact in size and quiet in operation
  • Backlash precision down to 3 arc min for ultra precise applications
  • Easy to install with integrated shaft clamp coupling

More information and our planetary catalogue can be found on this page on our web site. We pride ourselves in being able to size and offer a complete linear motion solution and enjoy being able to work with customers to develop an optimal solution for their needs. We can also offer integrated servo and precision gearheads or timing belt reductions.