While recirculating ball systems (such as profile rail and block) provide excellent load ratings and performance; they require absolute precision alignment when mounting. This can be an issue where a machined mounting surface is not practical or cost effective when using a welded or folded frame.


ROLLON compact rail with a ‘fixed floating’ arrangement greatly reduces the precision mounting requirements, and provides a reliable, robust alternative with high dynamic life spans. Our customers have had excellent results with compact rail in a wide range of applications even using sheet metal or simple welded frames.

The roller bearings are able to roll over many contamination particles. Use of rollers also allows high speed and a long service life. Standard sliders have scrapers and seals for contamination control and the integrated self lubricators provide consistent lubrication and long life. These sliders also have a roller on an eccentric cam that provides field adjustable preload.


Compact rails are induction hardened, ground and zinc plated for long life, low friction motion. The rails use low profile torx head fasteners in oversized counter bores which gives a wide mounting tolerance and field adjustment during setup.


All these features make Compact Rail the ideal system for mechanisms requiring a durable precision guide where easy, cost effective set up and installation is an important criteria.


We have many years experience in sizing these systems and are pleased to help identify a suitable system for your application. More details can be found on our website here or give us a call with you application requirements.