Hiwin linear actuators have their origin in medical equipment particularly hospital beds. A linear actuator is also an ideal solution for gateways, doors, cupboards, production line staging, positioning and traffic control. We have customers using actuators for production line automation, lifting, wheel chair mechanisms, automotive controls and architectural louvres.


Here’s an inovative use of Hiwin actuators by the University of Auckland. IAS delivered customised compact actuators with feedback for this project. Actuators are ideal for mobility aids like this project we have also been involved with.


We have 12 & 24V linear actuators in stock. When your application requires simple movement without high duty, speed or tolerance requirements then Hiwin actuators can provide reliable, economical, plug and play motion in speed ranges from 4 to 46 mm/sec.

Our range has many features and benefits.

  • IP65 protection for outdoor or damp environments, some types are even CE rated
  • Load ratings of up to 1000kg for that extra high load application
  • No hydraulic issues, liquids or hoses to have to run or power
  • Controller and keypads for complete plug and play motion – nothing could be simpler
  • Customised stroke lengths can be manufactured to your requirements
  • Position feedback available for controller feedback applications
  • Adjustable limit switches on some types for in the field customisation.
  • Compact and simple to install
  • Produced by one of the worlds leading motion solutions manufacturers

Call us with your application as we appreciate the opportunity to help in your design process. Here’s an automation project we’ve been working on using feedback actuators that should fire up the imagination. You can find more information from this page on our website.