Screw shafts are an ideal way of getting mechanical advantage in linear positioning applications. But putting together a screw drive system from components can be a time consuming and challenging process. Matching performance characteristic of the screw shaft to the application, sizing support bearings, machining screw shafts and bearing housings, motor mounts and couplings requires significant engineering expertise and time. Our popular range of DC actuators offers a near plug and play capability for lighter and lower duty applications. But what if you need to go faster or handle heavier loads?

ServoMech of Italy manufactures a wide range of heavy industrial actuators and screw jacks with most of the engineering done for you. The linear actuator range has worm or belt driven screws and can be supplied with integrated DC or IEC frame AC motor. A range of acme or ball screw shafts combined with a section of worm ratios and frame sizes are available to provide load capacities up to 35T and speeds up to 875mm/s. Options are available including safety clutches, integrated and or adjustable limit switches, bellows, encoders and a range of end fitting options. These units are genuine alternatives for hydraulic cylinders with higher efficiency and accuracy.

If the application needs to be more compact or doesn’t suit a push rod style actuator then how about an acme or ball screw jack. This configuration has a worm drive with the screw shaft exposed with either a travelling shaft of travelling nut. The range of multi start acme and high lead ball screws allow for load capacities of 100T and speeds of up to 300mm/s. As with the linear actuators a wide range of options for mounting, limit switches anti rotation and even wear indication and backlash adjustment are available.

We can supply the full range of Servomech products and can offer expertise in suitable sizing to suit duty, service life, drive, environmental and control considerations. We would be happy to discuss any application requirements. More information can be found on our web site here.

Yaskawa Variable Speed Drives

You could even integrate a Servomech AC actuator with a Yaskawa VSD that we stock. These are a high quality Japanese made VSD for induction motors. All Yaskawa models feature high overload for hard starting under load and soft start ramps to reduce shock load and extend service life. The highly advanced V1000 and A1000 have torque limiting functions to provide overload protection in case of a mechanical jam up