We have ideal accessories for trapezoidal screw shaft that make production adjustments and set-ups easy. As well as shaft supports we now have handwheels and analogue digital indicators specifically to suit our trapezoidal shafts.

A handwheel and indicator provides a simple interface for operators to make set-up and adjustment changes safely and efficiently. These good looking and easy to use components give your machines and mechanisms a professional look and feel. Operator confidence is improved through safe machine operation, minimising or eliminating accident and increasing quality of output.

Indicator features;

  • Pitch matches trapezoidal shafts to give mm readout with 1/10mm scale.
  • Bores have a simple sleeve and grub screw and can be adapted to suit a variety of shaft diameters.
  • High visibility orange frames and magnified viewer to reduce operator fatigue.

Indicators are ideal to integrate with QA programs.

Handwheel features;

  • Rugged but good-looking black powder coated aluminium.
  • Handle folds inside hub when not in use for a cleaner workspace, reducing injury potential.
  • Counter bored hub for retaining washer.
  • Comes pre-bored and keyed and complete with key steel insert.

This arrangement is ideal for cut-off saws, conveyor lines, print heads, edge reamers, back stops, position guides or anywhere frequent manual adjustment needs to be made. More information can be found from this page on our website.

For a more automated solution then consider a feedback linear actuator or linear scale to work in with PLCs.