A timing belt is ideal for maintenance free, high-speed linear motion. With a pulley performing the rotary to linear transmission much higher linear speeds are achieved for the same RPM when compared to a screw style system. Timing belt drives also have the advantage that they don’t require thrust bearings and journal machining which can make a simpler and more cost effective linear solution.

Our recommended belt is the RPP8 profile from Megadyne. The tooth profile is a deep parabolic shape that runs in standard HTD8 pulleys with virtually no backlash. The outer is polyurethane and the teeth are nylon coated for a quiet running. They also have steel cords in a continuously moulded construction. We also have specially made aluminium pulleys to suit which lowers the system inertia for a more responsive drive. The end result is a high strength, low maintenance, highly durable and fast acting drive suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

We have many years experience in sizing these drives and are pleased to help identify a suitable system for your application. More details can be found on our website here or give us a call with you application requirements.