Over the last 12 months SBC have progressively introduced an enhanced range of linear bearing blocks. These enhancements are a direct result of SBCs expertise in profile rail solutions and have resulted in a quieter running more durable linear bearing solution.

Here are some key features of the enhanced blocks.

  • Self-aligning stainless steel floating ball retainer plates
    • A snap in floating arrangement allows a degree of self-aligning within the bearing block. This reduces ball skidding, reduces loading hot spots and provides enhanced load sharing without compromising rigidity.
  • Plastic lined return tubes integrated with the end plate
    • Elimination of ball contact with bearing body, gives quieter running, enhanced lubricant life and better ball control. One-piece end plate and return tubes gives smoother ball control.
  • Standard sealed design
    • All types have lateral and end plate double lip seals for enhanced contamination resistance and prolonged service life.
  • Engineering plastic end plates
    • Enhanced impact resistance and one-piece construction with user changeable grease nipple points.
  • New plastic spacer “quiet type” SPB and SPS blocks.
    • Plastic spacer between the balls eliminates ball-to-ball contact, reducing travel noise.
    • Better grease retention for easier maintenance and prolonged service life.
    • Optimised noise reduction for speeds greater that 1.5m/s.
    • Manufactured in all block types from sizes 20 to 35.


All of these fantastic enhancements are dimensionally identical & interchangeable with existing blocks and run on the same rail – you could even replace the blocks in an existing application to the quiet type series. All types can be supplied with Raydent coating and stainless balls for applications requiring corrosion protection. This is ideal for damp or caustic wash down in food processing environments.


SPS compact 4 bolt pattern quiet types are in stock in sizes 20, 25 and 30. Flanged, high load and 2 bolt types are available on request on surprisingly short lead times. SPS and SPG are dimensionally identical to the SBS and SBG types. STEP, IGES, DWG and DXF drawing files are freely available for download from the SBC LM profile guideways page on our site.


SBC profile rail is dimensionally interchangeable with other manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to offer a cross over solution.


SBC has a worldwide distribution network and is a brand we are proud to stock and represent in New Zealand for over 8 years. SBC are ISO9000 registered and also produce ballscrewsshaft supports, cross roller guides and tables, ballscrew and belt driven actuators, precision locknuts and locking elements.