Save money on machining and labour costs with Rollon Compact Rail

Spending too much time and effort machining surfaces for traditional linear guideways? Frustrated at the size of the frame required to support and mount the guideways? Rollon Compact Rail could make your life easier.


Rollon Compact Rail is a self aligning linear bearing designed to ease the fabrication requirements of linear motion systems. Traditional rail systems are sensitive to misalignment which can cause uneven friction forces and movement, increasing bearing load and reducing service life. Rollon Compact Rail features unique profiled roller bearings and matched rail which work together to accommodate rail misalignment within the track. Systems can be configured to take both lateral and angular misalignment simultaneously.

Key benefits of Rollon Compact Rail;

  • Hardened and ground raceways for smooth, consistent linear movement and long service life.
  • Slider rollers are mounted on eccentric cams that allow adjustment of preload and greater rigidity.
  • Allows for +/-2 degrees of angular twist and 2mm of lateral misalignment (Series 43 K+U system – even greater for the 63 series).
  • Spring loaded wipers that protect the rollers from debris and damage with every cycle.
  • Self-lubricating wiper technology is standard on all except 18 series.
  • High speed capability and quiet operation.
  • Rail can be easily jointed on site for long travel applications.
  • Electrolytic Zinc coating for corrosion resistance.


Our customers have had outstanding results with Rollon Compact Rail in a wide variety of applications including robotics, packaging, X-Y tables and materials handling.


Additional information can be found here along with two and three dimensional drawing files, or the Compact Rail catalogue. Feel free to call fax or email IAS with your application requirements.