High load and high precision linear is not as difficult as you might think. IAS stocks a great range of ballscrews to satisfy your demanding applications. A Ballscrew is the king of linear motion with efficiencies of up 90%, backlash free and high precision options all available.


IAS stock cost effective rolled ballscrews from Hiwin in precisions PR3 (0.1/300mm) and Warner in PR1 (0.023/300mm) right up to 50mm diameter and 6m long! We know that sizing can be a challenge so Garth has used his engineering skills to create design tools for us to help you out. Don’t spend you valuable time doing sizings. Give us a load and motion profile and we’ll do it for you!

  • Did you know we can supply raydent coated ballscrews? Washdowns, corrosive and food environments can still use ballscrew solutions without resorting to stainless steel.
  • Rolled screws offer high cost savings over ground screws with much better stock availability.
  • High precision ballscrews are available on request.
  • Your design options are many with a wide range of leads ranging from 5 to 40mm for high precision or high speed applications.
  • We can supply bellows for use in dusty environments
  • Shaft supports of flanged and block type are also in stock and we can advise on recommended machining.
  • We size and supply AC or DC, stepper or servo motors and can arrange shaft machining for a complete bolt down solution.

Call us with your application as we appreciate the opportunity to help in your design process. You can also find more information from this page on our website. Two and three dimensional drawing files can also be directly downloaded from our site.