The Yotta distributed control system is a compact but robust and powerful controller and distributed I/O system suitable for a wide range of control and data acquisition applications.

The controllers have a mini USB port and they can be powered through the port and programmed through the free software. The controllers have a built in LCD display that can be controlled from the program and I/O status can be monitored on the display while running. There is a robust WiFi remote available which also has an LCD display and this display is mirrored from the control unit.


They are compact in size but feature Modbus and RS485 ports which means additional I/O can be easily added. The combination of Modbus and RS485 makes the remote I/O modules suitable for integration with a wide range of controllers and SCADA systems.

We have controllers, WiFi remotes and remote I/O modules in stock. More information can be found on our website here.





We have a range of high quality, Japanese made, Yaskawa VSD’s in stock. These drives run standard three phase induction motors and are suitable for any application that requires speed control, soft start or motor protection. Advanced drives have torque limiting and high starting torque which makes them well suited to winding and hoist type applications.