Trapezoidal screw shafts are an excellent choice for low duty cycle applications. If the application doesn’t require constant motion then the mechanically simple and durable trapezoidal screw shaft may be a good choice.


Trapezoidal screw shafts are similar to ACME or lead screws but are metric and have a trapezoidal shoulder on the thread. This profile reduces the stress concentration of the more traditional ACME square thread. Having metal on metal contact means they are generally not suitable for constant motion but in turn they have a fine lead which gives good mechanical advantage and in most applications they are self locking. These characteristics make them ideal for vertical or clamping applications.

Linear motion has NZ’s most experience team of linear specialist and are happy to assist in specifying suitable linear drive systems. We can do the buckling, critical speed and pressure velocity (PV) calculations for you to assist in selecting the most suitable size.


Our stock shafts are a rolled blank with bronze nut but we can also supply stainless shafts and plastic nuts. We can also arrange journal machining to your drawings for a drop in solution.


More details on Trapezoidal shafts can be found on this page of our website. Or give us call to discuss any projects you may be working on.


Hand wheels and indicators


To complete a simple manual positioning system we have hand wheels and indicators.


Our recommended hand wheel is a robust powder coated aluminium construction with a removable fold away handle on the rim. Great for ergonomic, safe, manual adjustments.


We also have indicators to suit most of our trapezoidal shafts. Quick and simple position indication is ideal for quick setups and changeovers in production lines.

More details on hand wheels and indicators can be found on this page of our website. Or give us a call to discuss any projects you may be working on.