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Thin wall bushes and linear scales

Wider range of thin wall ball bushes

Samick have increased their range of the high quality CLB thin walled ball bushes. The CLB thin wall ball bushes are an engineering plastic shell with steel ball plate and are compatible with European thin wall types such KH, LBBR and R0658.

Samick size range now covers 8 to 50mm and we stock these in stainless ball, nickel coated ball plate specification to suit corrosion resistance requirements.

More details on our ball bush products can be found on our website here.

Precision measurement

Hiwin linear scales offer a simple method of precision linear measurement. The system consists of a read head moving along a adhesive magnetic tape. The tape can be used on a wide range of surfaces and comes complete with a stainless steel cover tape.

Output signals can be analogue sin/cos, open collector or TTL/RS422. The latter two are ideal for connection to PLCs. Precision is as high as 1micron and Hiwin also offer single or multi axis readout DRO systems.

More information can be found on our website here.