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Simplicity bushes

Simplicity bushes have proven themselves one of the most durable guidance solutions around. Their combination of maintenance free self lubrication, and low friction combined with the load and impact strength of a plain bearing makes them an amazingly robust solution.
Simplicity bushes have a precision machined, hard anodized shell with a proprietary Teflon composite liner on the inner bearing surface called Frelon. Teflon is transferred to the shaft during running and it can be run without any lubrication for most applications. A detailed video of the transfer process can be found here.

The precision fit of the shaft and the composite liner gives the system a high degree of resistance to particulate contamination. Most particulate is wiped from the shaft and small contamination can be absorbed by the liner. You can view how the bearing performs when contaminated with Portland cement in a video here.

Being a plain bearing simplicity has load capacities typically 20x that of a ball bush and they will not catastrophically fail. Frelon does not deform like plastic bushes and they have a wide chemical resistance and temperature range.

Care needs to be taken in high speed, lubricated or offset loads and we would be happy to assist in identifying a suitable system for you application.

The correct shaft is critical for simplicity or ball bush applications - it is the inner ring of the bearing system. We have good stocks of metric, chrome, hardened and ground round shaft with the correct hardness and surface roughness to suit simplicity bushes. We also have shaft supports and can supply simplicity bushes in a case unit for a complete solution