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Indexing Controllers

Indexing solutions from Yaskawa are an efficient way of integrating precision motion control into existing factory control systems. When a existing system lacks speed or precision then these solutions allow an axis to be upgraded within the machine without the need to change or replace high level controllers.

The MA100 multi axis controller is a new concept in motion control. Rather than complex ladder programming the controller uses timing charts for each axis. Up to 4 axes can be controlled as a standalone system with simple I/O or with Modbus TCP/IP support to upper level HMI or PLC controllers The free software configures the drives based on parameters input for the mechanical system and no electronic gearing or resolution calculations need to be made.

To aid in the simplicity the controller uses the Mechatrolink system to connect each axis to the controller. One cable is daisy chained from the controller to each axis and the system allows servo parameter change and tuning directly through the network. I/O points from each servo axis can be used to trigger motion or external relays.

Connecting to the controller is also simplified due to the use of Ethernet and the IP address of the controller can be changed so multiple controllers can exist on the same network. Standard Ethernet cables are used and the free software searches and identifies controllers on the network. The software will even change the Ethernet settings of the host PC and reset to the prior settings after exiting the software.

Yaskawa indexing servos are a single axis stand alone control with simple I/O or RS485 support to upper level HMI or PLC controllers. Where a pneumatic actuator lacks precision or speed then a servo indexer can be used to replace the pneumatics with no changes needed in the existing controller.

Servo sizing

A correctly matched servo is critical for accuracy and performance and we know that this is a tedious and delicate process. Not only do we have years of experience specifying and sizing servos but we stock a range of drive systems for an optimal linear system.