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Why are there such a huge range of couplings?

There are all sorts of couplings available in the market and their application and usage can cause confusion. The purpose of a coupling is to transmit torque between two shafts and allow for some misalignment. This function is critical to avoid fatigue failures in motors and shafts. The most common types available have elastomeric elements between the two shafts to take up the misalignment. This flexibility can be problematic for precision applications as the lack of rotational stiffness can reduce accuracy and even introduce control instability.

Precision couplings are designed to take up misalignment but maintain rotational stiffness and be free of backlash. 

Our main stocked coupling is the Oldham coupling. This has a good balance between torque rating and misalignment capability and is more economical than many of the other types. It has the added advantage that it is electrically isolating and is of three part construction for easier mounting.

More information on couplings including a white paper can be found on our website here