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Rod Ends

Many of our customers have found our JMC rod ends a quality and price competitive product. Here's some highlights of our most commonly stocked products;

JMC Rod Ends - Stocked in Metric & Imperial, Male & Female, Left & Right hand threads, from M5-M25 and 3/16 to 3/4UNF. Their construction includes a zinc-plated body with either brass or Teflon liners, and 400 bearing steel ball. M30, 7/8UNF & 3/4UNF are also available.

JMC Ball Joints - Stocked in Metric from M5-M12, & M16 in Left of Right hand threads with a protective rubber boot. M14 & M18 are available to order.

JMC Stainless Steel Rod Ends - Stocked in Metric from M6 to M16, Male or Female and Left or Right hand threads with stainless bodies and Teflon liners. M20 and imperial 3/16 to 3/4UNF are also available to order.

JMC CF UU Sealed Cam Followers - Stocked in Metric from M8 to M16. M5 & M18 to M30 are also available to order.

You can find more information on our rod ends from this document on our website.