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A magnetic linear scale from Hiwin Microsystems can add a level of accuracy to any linear system.

The scale itself is an adhesive magnetic tape with a stainless steel cover strip. The read head is runs closely along the tape and generates a sin/cos signal proportional to the movement along the tape. The analogue signal can be used directly for measurement or more commonly it is translated into a pulse signal with either an open collector or 5V TTL line driver interface suitable for PLCs. There is also the option for direct connection to a display or multi axis counter/DRO.

Two scale pitches are available with the following performance;

1mm pitch:  1µm with ±2µm repeatability

5mm pitch:  5µm with ±10µm repeatability

There are a variety of read heads available include types that are integrated with Hiwin linear guide ways and types with integrated signal translation.

More information on the linear scales from Hiwin can be found in this PDF.


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