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A ball transfer unit is used to restrict linear motion in one direction but give ultra low friction motion in the other directions. In a table arrangement they allow easy movement of heavy or bulky objects. Most people will have seen them in use in aviation cargo handling but they are also commonly used in sheet metal, conveying and tooling applications.


A ball transfer unit has a large high load central ball supported by a large number of smaller balls. This configuration is encased in a spherical body with the arrangement offering high load capacity and low friction. Use of hardened bearing steels and heat treated bodies ensures a long service life with more economical types using pressed steel bodies.. For challenging environments types with seals and drain/debris channels are available. Types are made with carbon or stainless steel bodies, nylon or stainless steel balls and spring loaded.

Omnitrack of England are one of the creators of the ball transfer concept. They have been making ball transfer units since 1954 and offer a huge range of types and styles.

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