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Rack and pinion (R&P) are an ideal solution for long length linear applications. It is a well proven, durable transmission method ideal for agricultural or dirty environments. Pinions can also be arranged as a compound gear train for ad-hoc gear reductions.

Linear Motion stocks 1045 steel spur gears from 15 to 40 tooth (in 5 tooth steps) from 1.0 to 4.0Mod pitch. We have matching precision racking in a nominal 2m blank length ready to be butt jointed, or we can cut them shorter to your required length. Gears and racks are heat treatable. Our standard stocks are precision with an accuracy of a bit over 0.05mm/300mm depending on size.

Other types available include plastic, stainless steel and integrated rack and rail along with hardened and helical systems. We can also supply durable 3D printed nylon gears in a range of module and tooth sizes.

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